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FWTX Trash Car
Coming Soon! FWTX C&D Waste Gondolas
We will be releasing a run of American Railcar Leasing "Trash Cars" in 6 road numbers, each as a single car. They are item numbers AR-0047-01 through -06 $19.95 each. Order the full set with item AR-0017. These cars are seen regularly on the mainline of Susquehanna.
Sea-Land 40' Container
Coming Soon! Sea-Land 40' corrugated container 2-pack
This is an add-on special run to the DeLuxe Innovations run. SL-0046 $18.95. Due 2nd quarter 2013.
Sea-Land Twinstack Well Car
Coming Later this year! Sea-Land Twinstack 5-unit container car with NYSW reporting marks
This item will be a road number add-on specail run from DeLuxe Innovations and is expected by the end of 2013. SQ-0045 Price TBA.
Squeak N Products Susquehanna RS-1 and Boxcar
NJDX 40' Plug Door Boxcar in a Jersey Central scheme. Boxcar #1419 is from the last run in a series of 4 Squeak N CNJ boxcars.Squeak N Products N scale Susquehanna RS-1 #238 leads a local through rural Sussex County. Boxcar #401 is the first in a series of Squeak N Products Susquehanna box cars.

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